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FirstAidPC Services - Your Tech Lifesavers

Discover a world of comprehensive tech services designed to keep your devices running smoothly. At FirstAidPC, we've got your tech needs covered:

Data Backup and Recovery: Safeguard your precious data with our expert backup and recovery solutions.

Remote Computer Support: Our skilled technicians are just a call away, ready to assist you remotely.

IT Business Consulting: Let us be your tech partner, offering insights to optimize your business.

Laptop Screen Replacements: Cracked screen? We've got you covered with swift replacements.

Virus Removal: We'll eliminate those pesky digital invaders and restore your system.

PC Speed Optimization: Experience optimal performance as we boost your PC's speed.

OS Installations: Whether it's Windows or Mac, count on us for seamless OS installations.

Operating System Recovery: We'll revive your system with our efficient recovery services.

Camera Repair: Camera acting up? We're here to fix it.

System Board Diagnosis: Our experts will pinpoint issues in your device's system board.

Internal Device Cleaning: We'll keep your devices in top shape with thorough internal cleaning.

Replacement Parts: Need parts? We've got quality replacements at your service.

DC Jack Replacements: Is your device not charging properly? We'll replace the DC jack.

PC Peripherals: Find a range of PC accessories like keyboards, mice, and monitors.

Office Support: Get help with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and OneDrive.

iCloud and iTunes Support: We've got Apple enthusiasts covered with iCloud and iTunes assistance.

Power Button Repair: Is your power button malfunctioning? We'll repair it.

Browser Issues: We'll tackle general web browser problems in Google Docs, Chrome, Edge, and Internet Explorer.

Power Supply Solutions: We can replace internal batteries and chargers for your devices.

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Computer Health Check: Diagnose & Optimize

Comprising phishing, virus, and malware detection, augmented hard disk space, motherboard assessment, core component and service updates, device driver enhancements, boot-up error diagnosis, hard drive problem identification, scan disk, and system defragmentation.

This rapid one-time examination allows us to promptly uncover any latent problems with your devices. Subsequently, we can recommend a personalized healthcare package that best suits your needs.

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"Premium PC Security & Performance Enhancement"

Experience top-tier protection and performance enhancements with our premium antivirus package. This comprehensive offering includes:

  • Installation of a commercial yearly antivirus with a managed subscription.

  • In-depth scanning of your PC.

  • Thorough examination and repair of registry files.

  • Efficient removal of viruses and spyware.

  • Configuration and installation of key updates, including the latest service packs.

  • Comprehensive driver updates and configurations to ensure peak performance.

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