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      Our Commitment to Excellence

At FirstAidPC, we hold the firm belief that optimal technology experiences should be accessible to everyone without straining their finances.

Throughout our journey, we've extended our unwavering support to a diverse spectrum of clients. Our clientele spans from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), startups, and local independent businesses to educational institutions and individuals from all walks of life.

We've dedicated ourselves to assisting customers in enhancing, constructing, and maintaining productive IT environments. So, whether you're a home-based professional, an independent business proprietor, or simply seeking expert IT guidance, we stand ready to provide our expertise and support.

Marble Surface

“I work at  a professional consultancy, dependent on a good and reliable IT system. Over the last few months FirstAidPC has given me invaluable help to recommend and set up a new PC, migrate my e-mail system to something new, ensure my phone is synchronised with the new system and sort out a number of unexpected blips. The team have been incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, going above and beyond to provide a quality service, ensuring everything is working as it should.”

Neil Briggs, Project Manager | Steel & May

“I recently had some IT work, excellent service, prompt, professional and knowledgeable. The team has gone the extra mile, had me back up and running in no time and provided me with some brilliant advice to make my IT life easier. Highly recommended!”

Suzanne Eldridge | Business Development Representative

“I spend a lot of time working remotely for my job, which means I rely heavily on both hardware and software. Since having a service my computer has been much more quicker and responsive. I find I don’t have to wait as much as I used to. I have my data backed up and secure along with my Anti Virus installed. Thanks to the team for making such a difference and saving me from spending much more in the long run! Thanks very much! ”

Rob Elshwere | Graphic  Design Architect

For further reviews please visit our google business account online. 

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